[CogSci] IMPRS for Language Sciences PhD Fellowships 2023

Lam, Kevin Kevin.Lam at mpi.nl
Mon Nov 7 05:22:41 PST 2022

IMPRS PhD Fellowships 2023

The International Max Planck Research School for Language Sciences (IMPRS)
in the Netherlands invites applications for TWO fully-funded PhD
fellowships. The fellowships are designed to enable young researchers to
pursue interdisciplinary research projects in the language sciences,
supervised by leading scientists at the Max Planck Institute for
Psycholinguistics <https://www.mpi.nl/>  and its partner institutes at the
Radboud University <https://www.ru.nl/phd/>  - namely, the Centre for
Language Studies <https://www.ru.nl/cls>  and the Donders Institute for
Brain, Cognition and Behaviour <https://www.ru.nl/donders/> .

The fellowships are suitable for applicants from a variety of backgrounds,

*	artificial intelligence
*	(medical) biology
*	(cognitive) neuroscience
*	cognitive & behavioural science
*	computer science & engineering
*	genetics

*	linguistics
*	neurobiology
*	philosophy
*	physics & mathematics
*	psychology


With 7 interdisciplinary research themes to choose from, the applicant is
invited to explore the range of research possibilities on offer. 

The application deadline is 2 January, 2023. 
Find out more about the Fellowships here
<https://www.mpi.nl/imprs-phd-fellowships-2023>  and read first-hand
accounts of our members here <https://www.mpi.nl/imprs> .

How you can help

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Thanks in advance.

Best wishes from Nijmegen,

::::::::::::::::::::::: Dr. Kevin Lam
<https://www.mpi.nl/people/lam-kevin> graduate school coordinator
::::   <http://www.mpi.nl/imprs> International Max Planck Research School
for Language Sciences :::
::: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics @ nijmegen NETHERLANDS :::

::::::::: MPI TalkLing trilingual blog on language science
<https://www.mpi-talkling.mpi.nl/?page_id=56&lang=en> EN
<https://www.mpi-talkling.mpi.nl/?page_id=60&lang=nl> NL
<https://www.mpi-talkling.mpi.nl/?page_id=58&lang=de> DE ::::::::


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