[CogSci] using docker containers for reproducible research

Schuler, Kathryn kschuler at sas.upenn.edu
Mon Apr 12 16:17:20 PDT 2021

Dear all (with apologies for cross-posting),

I'm sharing exbuilder<https://docs.exbuilder.org/>, a framework we developed for doing reproducible research in docker containers.

Docker is a service that allows you to package software and applications into containers that are easy to work with and easy to share with others. Containers are a natural solution to many of the issues we encounter when trying to share our research with our colleagues, the academic community, and even (especially!) our future selves.  With docker, you share not only your code, but also the applications you used to develop and run that code.

We created exbuilder to make it easy for others to learn how to use docker containers as part of their research process. exbuilder is a framework, meaning it is designed to provide structure and a starting point for working on research with docker containers.

You could use exbuilder to help you learn to use docker containers as part of your analysis process<https://docs.exbuilder.org/project-components/analyses> or to deploy your web experiments<https://docs.exbuilder.org/deployment/deploy-your-web-experiment> on your own server. For a quick overview, you can watch the getting started with exbuilder<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1HZZFDgX8o&ab_channel=KathrynSchuler> video.

I hope some of you find it useful! Happy to answer questions if you have any.



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