[CogSci] Two fully funded PhD positions with the Human and Machine Cognition Lab in Tübingen

Charley Wu charleymswu at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 00:18:11 PDT 2020

Dear CSS,

The Human and Machine Cognition lab is an independent research group funded
by the Excellence Cluster: Machine Learning for Science and the Tübingen AI
center. We have two fully funded PhD positions available, with flexibility
in the start date and topic.

The lab seeks to use insights from human cognition to improve machine
learning methods, while also using advances in machine learning as tools
for understanding human intelligence. Current research topics include
generalization and efficient exploration in large problem spaces, the
learning of map-like representations in spatial and non-spatial
environments, social search dynamics in virtual environments, and
cumulative cultural evolution in online communities. For more information,
please visit the lab website: https://hmc-lab.com/

Best wishes,
Charley Wu
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