[CogSci] FindingFive, a nonprofit for online behavioral research, welcomes more beta testers

Ting Qian tqian86 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 11:34:06 PDT 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We'd like to *re-*introduce FindingFive <https://www.findingfive.com>: a
nonprofit one-stop platform for online behavioral research. Born from our
own experiences (and frustrations) with running Amazon Mechanical Turk
studies, FindingFive is designed to greatly simplify the process of
*creating*, *running*, and *managing *web-based studies for behavioral

With help from labs at the University of Arizona, Pacific Lutheran
University, Vanderbilt University, SUNY New Paltz and many others, we have
continuously expanded the functionality and improved the stability of our
platform over the *last four years*. We are now ready for a larger audience
who are willing to *beta test* FindingFive <https://www.findingfive.com>.

We think you will like FindingFive for four reasons:

   - *Nonprofit Mission*: We are a recognized *501(c)(3) nonprofit*
   organization run by volunteers <https://news.findingfive.com/directory/>.
   Our goal is to facilitate behavioral research rather than profit from it.
   The platform is completely free for researchers to use (although your
   donation <https://news.findingfive.com/make-a-donation/> is always
   appreciated :)).

   - *One-stop Integration: *Everything can be done on the FindingFive
   website, from creating your study to launching sessions to obtaining
   participants’ data in CSV, eliminating the need to set up your own programs
   and servers. FindingFive is dual-platform, too – it works with and without
   Amazon Mechanical Turk.

   * *Our platform does not support direct payment yet, so studies run
   directly on FindingFive (as opposed to through MTurk) are best for
   course-credit studies.*

   - *Designed by researchers for researchers:* Every FindingFive study is
   built from 4 core components that are already familiar to
researchers – *stimuli,
   responses, trial templates*, and *procedure*. These 4 components are
   pieced together using an intuitive "grammar" that is *well documented
   <https://help.findingfive.com/api/index.html>*!  We have the Crash Course
   the Study Grammar Reference <https://help.findingfive.com/api/index.html>,
   and an ever-increasing number of tutorials
   <https://news.findingfive.com/category/tutorial/> to walk you through
   FindingFive’s variety of features such as conditional branching.

   - *Helpful volunteers:* Our volunteers are closely involved with our
   researchers through every step of designing and launching a study. Just
   email researcher.help at findingfive.com whenever you run into problems. We
   can be reached via Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/findingfive>,
   Twitter <https://www.twitter.com/updateFF>, and LinkedIn
   <https://www.linkedin.com/company/findingfive> as well.

*We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback:* Don’t just take our
word for it. Read what our researchers have to say about us:

Interested? Feel free to sign up *as a researcher* using this link
<https://www.findingfive.com/signup?invite_code=EKL2QD80> (or go to the
website <https://www.findingfive.com> and manually enter the invitation
code *EKL2QD80* during sign up). If you have any suggestion or questions,
please email us at research.help at findingfive.com. We're looking forward to
your input!


The FindingFive Team <https://news.findingfive.com/directory/> - Ting,
Noah, Patty, Jaycie, Jingyi & Yiyun
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