[CogSci] WEBCONFERENCE, 5-6 October: New Challenges in Philosophy of Neuroscience

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 Neural Mechanisms Web Conference

October 5th & October 6th
New Challenges in Philosophy of Neuroscience
To attend to the conference, check the following URLs and follow the instructions of the software:October 5th: https://unito.webex.com/unito-en/onstage/g.php?MTID=ee6594096d793906773e4566c9d973c89October 6th: https://unito.webex.com/unito-en/onstage/g.php?MTID=e4bd1bbe77073cd4ea9f90877870cf703Troubleshooting: https://neuralmechanismsonline.wordpress.com/troubleshooting/
In recent years, cognitive neuroscience has made several leaps forward: new discoveries have been made (e.g. the resting state networks or the increased scope of neural plasticity), prompting new questions; new techniques have been invented (e.g. multivariate techniques and network analyses), which, while overcoming some of the shortcomings of old techniques, are faced with new problems and limits; new intriguing theories have been proposed (e.g. Tononi's integrated information theory of consciousness, or Friston's theory of free energy minimisation). Just as neuroscientists are faced with this 'brave new world', philosophy of neuroscience is also called to address the theoretical aspects of these new problems and opportunities.  

Keynote Speakers:
Gualtiero Piccinini (University of Missouri – St. Louis)Hong Yu Wong (University of Tübingen)

5 October8 GMT, Hong Yu Wong, Embodiment: Structure and Mechanisms
9 GMT, Chiara Brozzo, Categorical perceiving motor actions9.45 GMT BREAK
10 GMT, Alessio Plebe, Neural mechanisms and development in the cortex
10.45 GMT, Bryce Gessell, Does the brain have a “functional unit”?11.30 GMT, LONG BREAK
12.30 GMT, Daniel Burnston & Philipp Haueis, Evolving Concepts of “Hierarchy” in Systems Neuroscience
13.15 GMT, Luis Favela, Neural reuse is a general mechanism, but Neural Darwinism is a fundamental theory14.00 GMT BREAK
14.15 GMT David Colaco, Recharacterizing Scientific Phenomena
15.00 GMT Gualtiero Piccinini, Levels of Being: An Egalitarian Account
6 October12.30 GMT, Alfredo Vernazzani, A Mechanistic Framework for the Neural Correlates of Conscious Visual Object Perception13.15 GMT, Jessey Wright, Searching for what isn’t There: Two Challenges for Data-Driven Ontology Revision in Cognitive Neuroscience14 GMT BREAK
14.30 GMT, Carrie Figdor, The Fallacy of the Homuncular Fallacy
15.15 GMT Javier Gomez-Lavin, Working Memory is Not a Natural Kind
All times refer to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). To know your local time, check the URL:  https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
The Neural Mechanisms Online team Fabrizio Calzavarini & Marco Viola
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