[CogSci] Announcing the 2022 Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute

Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute disi at ucla.edu
Fri Feb 25 07:23:03 PST 2022

Dear Society,

We are writing to share the news about an exciting funded summer
opportunity for early-career academics, industry researchers, and artists
of all types: the *Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute (DISI)*.

The idea behind DISI is simple. We bring together promising *Fellows* (graduate
students, postdocs, and early-career faculty) and *Storytellers* (artists,
writers, filmmakers, etc.) interested in the origins, nature, and future of
intelligences for several weeks of serious interdisciplinary exploration.

Our program engages three broad themes:

· *Recognizing* intelligences (i.e., the study of biological but non-human

· *Shaping* human intelligences (i.e., how development, culture, ideas,
technology, etc., shape human capacities)

· *Programming* intelligences (i.e., artificial intelligence and its
broader implications).

In both the Fellow and Storyteller tracks, we’re looking for open-minded
participants who want to take intellectual risks and break down
disciplinary barriers in the spirit of dialogue and discovery. We hope that
this creative community will work together to develop new ways of engaging
with big questions about the mind, cognition, and intelligence. You can
read more about DISI—including previous iterations—on our website:

*DISI 2022 will take place in the beautiful seaside setting of St Andrews,
Scotland from July 24 to August 14, 2022. *During this time, Fellows and
Storytellers will attend lectures, social events, and salons, building
connections with each other and with our world-class faculty
<https://disi.org/category/faculty/>. Fellows and Storytellers will also
work together on projects of their own devising.

Thanks to generous support from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, all
accepted Fellows and Storytellers will receive funding to support their
participation in the Institute. Moreover, Fellows and Storytellers will be
inducted into our growing network of past faculty and alums, and will have
lifetime access to dedicated alum resources (e.g., funding opportunities
for future projects).

Review of applications will begin on* March 25 *and will continue until all
spots are filled. The application can be found at: https://disi.org/apply/.

We would be most grateful if you would forward this announcement to any
talented folks who might be interested in this opportunity. Thank you for
helping us grow our DISI community!

With all our best wishes,

The DISI Team

Erica A. Cartmill, Associate Professor, UCLA Departments of Anthropology
and Psychology; DISI Director

Jacob G. Foster, Associate Professor, UCLA Department of Sociology; DISI

Kensy Cooperrider, DISI Associate Director of Content and Outreach, Host of
‘Many Minds’ podcast

Brenda de Groot, DISI 2022 Project Assistant

[image: DISI 2022 poster.jpg]
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