[CogSci] US-Australia MURI collaboration on Cognitive Capability through Attention Control

Scott Brown scott.brown at newcastle.edu.au
Wed Feb 16 19:35:25 PST 2022

Dear Colleague at the Cognitive Science Society,
Our team of Cognitive Science experts at the University of Newcastle, Australia, led by Scott Brown, Rohan Walker, and Ami Eidels, is looking to partner with U.S. collaborators pursuing MURI funding in the 2023 round, for a research project on Topic 14 (ONR): “Building Overall Cognitive Capability through Attention Control.” This project emphasises a deeper formal understanding of the neural and psychological bases of attention control and the exploitation of this understanding to develop evaluation and training techniques.
AUSMURI is a $25 million investment program encouraging Australian universities to collaborate with universities in the United States and explore opportunities in designated topics. It complements the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative (MURI) grant program administered by the US Department of Defence. Practically, the AUSMURI program works by adding Australian investigators and Australian government funding on to a traditional US-based MURI project. The administrative workload is light: a single proposal is submitted to the MURI scheme, as usual. If the MURI proposal is funded, the Australian government provides extra funding of AUD$1 million per year for the duration of the project. This funding supports the Australian investigators on the team.
Scott and Ami have had some success with the AUSMURI scheme a few rounds ago (see http://catch-muri.org/). From personal experience it is a very competitive scheme, but also a remarkable scientific opportunity to push the boundaries of your research program.
The timeline for the proposal is very short: a brief white paper is due May 2, 2022, and a full proposal (if invited) is due Sept 9, 2022. If you are considering putting in a proposal for the US MURI scheme on Topic 14, please contact Scott Brown or Ami Eidels. We can discuss potentials for leveraging the AUSMURI scheme to magnify the project proposal. Please note that it is allowed in this scheme to nominate yourself as a PI on more than one MURI white paper. Joining any prospective bid with us does not preclude you from working with other teams.

Scott Brown: scott.brown at newcastle.edu.au<mailto:scott.brown at newcastle.edu.au>
Ami Eidels: Ami.Eidels at newcastle.edu.au<mailto:Ami.Eidels at newcastle.edu.au>

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