[CogSci] job: Ad Astra Fellows- Lecturer/ Assistant Professor (Tenure Track)

Benjamin Cowan benjamin.cowan at ucd.ie
Thu Feb 10 04:33:50 PST 2022

Applications are invited for the Ad Astra Fellows Lecturer/Assistant 
Professor (Tenure Track)  in Information and Communication Studies 
within UCD School of Information and Communication Studies.

We invite applications from scholars who can complement and expand our 
current research strengths, with focus in particular on quantitative 
and/or mixed methods based HCI research.

==The School==The School of Information & Communication Studies (UCS 
ICS) is a QS top 50 ranked school and the only Irish member of the 
iSchool network. The school’s research and teaching is at the 
intersection of technologies, people, and information. In particular the 
school has research strengths in human-computer interaction, digital 
media and platform studies, information design, social computing/social 
media,  data analytics, artificial intelligence, information literacy, 
and other related topics. The school has an active research environment, 
housing a number of permanent academic staff, PhD students and PostDocs, 
receiving both national and European level funding. Academics in the 
school are members of the SFI ADAPT Centre (https://www.adaptcentre.ie/) 
and SFI Centre for Research Training in Digitally Enhanced Reality 
and Machine Learning (ML- Labs 
The school has leading masters programmes in the areas of HCI (MSc in 
HCI), Systems Design (MSc information Systems), Communications (MSc 
Communication & Media), Library and Information Studies (MLIS) and 
Digital Curation and Information Management (MSc Digital Information 

==HCI at UCD Group== The HCI at UCD group (https://www.hci.ucd.ie/) is a 
collaboration between academics at the School of Information & 
Communication Studies and the School of Computer Science. It is one of 
the largest HCI groups in Ireland publishing regularly in leading HCI 
venues. Academics in UCD ICS lead research strands in Conversational 
User Interfaces & Interaction Science (Dr Benjamin Cowan) and 
Communication, Media & Ethical Design (Dr Marguerite Barry). Academics 
in the group collaborate regularly with international researchers in 
their related fields of study.

==The applicant== We are looking for the successful applicant to 
contribute to and strengthen our research with particular emphasis on 
quantitative and mixed methods approaches to HCI. Further specifications 
can be found by visiting https://www.ucd.ie/adastrafellows/

==Application Procedure==
Prior to application, further information (including application 
procedure) should be obtained from the UCD Ad Astra Fellow website: 
95 Lecturer/Assistant Professor (above the bar) Salary Scale: *€55,397 - 
€87,724 per annum*
Appointment will be made on scale and in accordance with the Department 
of Finance guidelines
Closing date: 17.00hrs (Local Irish Time) on *14th February 2022*
Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified. 
Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 
17:00hrs (Irish Local Time) on the specified closing date will be 
cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late 
*Please note*: the eRecruitment system only requests the names of two 
referees. The full list of 3 referees should be included in the text of 
your application.

Informal enquiries about the role can be made to Prof. Eugenia Siapera 
(eugenia.siapera at ucd.ie - Head of School - UCS ICS) and/or Dr Benjamin 
Cowan (benjamin.cowan at ucd.ie- Co-Director of HCI at UCD group & Director of 

Benjamin R Cowan PhD
Associate Professor
School of Information & Communication Studies
University College Dublin
Twitter: @BCowanHCI

NB- I do not respond or check emails at weekends or in the evening.
If anything is urgent please phone.
Recent papers:
Garaialde, D., Cox, A.L., & Cowan, B.R. (2021). Designing gamified rewards to encourage repeated app selection: Effect of reward placement. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies.https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1071581921000793
Doyle, P., Clark, L. & Cowan, B.R. (2021). What Do We See in Them? Identifying Dimensions of Partner Models for Speech Interfaces Using a Psycholexical Approach. Proceeedings of CHI 2021.https://arxiv.org/abs/2102.02094
Baxter, M. et al., (2021). “You, Move There!”: Investigating the Impact of Feedback on Voice Control in Virtual Environments. Proceedings of CUI 2021.https://dl.acm.org/doi/fullHtml/10.1145/3469595.3469609
Edwards, J., Janssen, C., Gould, S., & Cowan, B.R. (2021). Eliciting Spoken Interruptions to Inform Proactive Speech Agent Design.https://arxiv.org/pdf/2106.02077
Langevin et al., (2021). Heuristic Evaluation of Conversational Agents. Proceedings of CHI 2021.https://faculty.washington.edu/garyhs/docs/langevin-CHI2021-caheuristics.pdf
Wu, Y. et al (2020). See What I’m Saying? Comparing Intelligent Personal Assistant Use for Native and Non-Native Language Speakers. 22nd International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services.https://arxiv.org/abs/2006.06328
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