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Thu Apr 28 15:36:52 PDT 2022

Dear all,

Experiments in Linguistic Meaning (ELM) 2 is taking place May 18-20. See links to program and registration below – please register to receive information on how to attend, and sign up for the ELM mailing list<http://email.elm-conference.net/listinfo.cgi/announcements-elm-conference.net> to stay in the loop about ELM in the future.


·         Main Session program pages<https://www.elm-conference.net/elm-2/elm-2-program/> (with linked abstracts)

·         Full parallel session program<https://www.elm-conference.net/elm-2/elm-2-program/elm-2-parallel-session-schedules/> for short talks

·         The online-only registration form<https://www.elm-conference.net/elm-2/elm-2-registration/elm-2-online-only-registration/> is  now up. Everyone that’s not already registered for in-person attendance (including presenters) must register to attend.

·         We will continue to accept in-person registrations<https://www.elm-conference.net/elm-2/elm-2-registration/elm-2-in-person-registration/> until further notice. The sooner the better, and we reserve the right to close in-person registration at any time due to space constraints.

Florian Schwarz and Anna Papafragou

Florian Schwarz (He/Him/His)
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Chair of Linguistics<https://www.ling.upenn.edu/>
Associate Director for Education, mindCORE<https://web.sas.upenn.edu/mindcore/>
University of Pennsylvania
On Twitter @FlorianLing<https://twitter.com/florianling>

Check out PCIbex<https://www.pcibex.net/>, my lab’s free and versatile online experiment tool.
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