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Katharine A Tillman ktillman at utexas.edu
Mon Apr 11 07:41:46 PDT 2022

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for cross-posting!

My lab is in search of a new full-time lab coordinator to begin August
2022. Details are below. Please share with any potential applicants!


Katharine Tillman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
The University of Texas at Austin


*Job Description:*Austin Thought Lab <http://www.austinthought.org/> at the
University of Texas at Austin is seeking a full-time lab
manager/coordinator to start in August 2022. Under the direction of Prof.
Katharine Tillman, the lab studies interactions between language,
perception, and culture in the mind, including how young children acquire
abstract concepts that go beyond what they can directly observe in the
world. The lab manager will support a team of researchers in all aspects of
the lab's day-to-day function.

*Job Details:*This position involves coordinating data collection and
subject recruitment, designing and running studies with children and
adults, developing and maintaining administrative systems, supervising
undergraduate research assistants, scheduling and record-keeping,
maintaining study protocols and communicating with the Institutional Review
Board, community outreach online and in person, and more. The lab
coordinator will also have opportunities to conduct their own projects, and
to be involved with conference presentations and journal articles. This
position is particularly appropriate to candidates hoping to increase their
research training prior to applying to graduate school. The position
duration is currently one year with the chance to renew.

*Required Qualifications*
-Bachelor's degree in cognitive science, psychology, linguistics, computer
science, or a related field.
-Previous research experience
-Experience and comfort communicating with children (2 – 10 years old),
families, and other members of the community
-Ability to write clearly for any audience
-Ability to get tasks done efficiently and independently, and to show
initiative in doing so
-Organized and detail-oriented

Relevant education and experience may be substituted as appropriate.

*Preferred Qualifications*
-Experience with research methods in developmental science
-Programming skills in R, Python, Matlab, and/or JavaScript/HTML/CSS
-Experience with Qualtrics and/or Amazon Mechanical Turk
-Statistical knowledge
-Experience with or interest in open science best practices (e.g., version
control and data sharing with Git/Github; study pre-registration on Open
Science Framework; writing reproducible research reports in RMarkdown)
-Experience with audio/video editing programs
-Ability to speak multiple languages

For more details or to apply, please visit this page
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