[CogSci] Postdoc Position in Philosophy & Science of Perception (Perceptual Objects in the Unimodal and Multimodal Settings)

Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz aleksandra.mroczko-wasowicz at uw.edu.pl
Sat Jan 16 18:49:01 PST 2021

The Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw will hire a
postdoctoral researcher to work with Dr Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz on the
interdisciplinary research project *‘Perceptual Objects in the Unimodal and
Multimodal Settings’ *funded by the National Science Centre, Poland.

- a doctoral degree in philosophy, cognitive science, or psychology,
obtained not earlier than 7 years before the time of employment;
- publications in the field of sensory research within philosophy of
mind/perception, psychology, cognitive science, or neuroscience;
- research interests relevant to the project topic (sense perception,
sensory properties and objects represented in perceptual experiences of
various sense modalities, multisensory integration);
- fluency in English.

Applications should be sent *by 29 January 2021 to:
pracowniczy.filozofia at uw.edu.pl <pracowniczy.filozofia at uw.edu.pl>*

For more information on the advertised position please see:
https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/583515 /

All details concerning application documents and required forms are
available in Polish & English here:

*For inquiries please contact PI Dr Aleksandra Mroczko-Wąsowicz
(aleksandra.mroczko-wasowicz at uw.edu.pl
<aleksandra.mroczko-wasowicz at uw.edu.pl>).    *

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow/Assistant Professor (16 months)
Type of position: Research
Number of positions: 1 (full time) or 2 (half time)
Disciplines: Philosophy, Psychology, Cognitive Science
Location: University of Warsaw, Poland
Start date: As soon as filled, Spring 2021
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