[CogSci] Event to provide behind-the-scenes view of graduate admissions in developmental psychology

Larisa A Heiphetz lah2201 at columbia.edu
Mon Jan 4 08:12:34 PST 2021

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to let you know about Developmental Discovery Days, hosted by
Dima Amso, Nim Tottenham, and myself on August 13th and 14th, 2021. The
event has a developmental psychology focus, and I am writing to you because
I know some CogSci colleagues have developmental interests. Dima, Nim, and
I would very much appreciate your help in sharing this information with any
students who may be interested.

The purpose of the Developmental Discovery Days is to provide students with
a behind-the-scenes view of the graduate admissions process. The event is
geared toward people who are considering applying to PhD programs in
developmental psychology, including people planning to apply in Fall 2021,
people planning to apply a bit later on after completing their studies
and/or obtaining additional research experience, and people who are trying
to figure out whether or not they want to apply. It is particularly
designed to serve students from marginalized groups that are traditionally
underrepresented in the academy (e.g., based on race, gender identity,
sexual orientation, immigration status, first-generation student status, or
other groups that are marginalized in the academy), and we encourage
students from these groups to participate.

The two days will include panels on topics such as deciding if/when/where
to apply, preparing application materials such as CVs and personal
statements, and applying for funding. We also seek to foster community,
both among applicants themselves and between applicants and current
students. The event will include time to get to know one another and
opportunities to stay in touch after the event is over. Additionally,
participants will be matched with a graduate student or post-doctoral
mentor who can provide assistance and support after the conclusion of the
two-day event.

We are planning a virtual event that will take place in the Eastern time
zone. The event will not be recorded, but we plan to post materials (e.g.,
Power Point slides from the panels, a list of frequently asked questions)
after the panels have concluded. Because part of the purpose of the event
is to get to know each other, our expectation is that participants will
attend both days.

To apply, please fill out a brief form that you can find here:
https://columbia.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3XcnqRqOnMXIJdb. We will
begin reviewing applications on March 1st and expect to notify applicants
by June 1st.

Thank you,

Larisa Heiphetz
Department of Psychology
Columbia University
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