[CogSci] Figbox: what do I gain as postdoc or early career researcher

Ifedayo-Emmanuel Adeyefa-Olasupo ieao at colourfig.com
Tue Aug 24 22:51:01 PDT 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Happy to share with you an updated version of figbox. click here: https://figbox.co/. Like to thank everyone who reached out to me and was able to provide comments and suggestions on how to improve the software.

Note Figbox was built and is currently maintained by volunteer scholars.

Just a quick reminder FIgbox allow early career researchers (e.g., postdocs) the ability to promote their publications among early career researchers in over 40 different countries around the world. Two, by providing more junior scholars with personalized feedback and content postdocs are awarded mentorship certificates. These verified certificates can support the postdoc’s CV and can potentially boost the postdoc's academic career. Three, junior scholars who are intellectually supported by a postdoc can support the postdoc with cash donations. This helps the postdoc with living expenses such as food and transportation cost.

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