[CogSci] Call for Papers - NeurIPS 2021 Workshop on Cooperative AI

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***** DEADLINE:  25th September 2021 *****

Overview:  This year at NeurIPS, a collection of researchers from around
the world are coming together for the second annual Cooperative AI Workshop
<https://www.cooperativeai.com/neurips-2021/workshop-information>. As part
of the workshop, we are inviting paper submissions in NeurIPS format.
Please do share this invitation widely with any contacts who might be
interested: we would like to reach the broadest possible audience.

This is an excellent opportunity to participate in a deep-rooted and
continually growing community around the important and ambitious topic of
Cooperative AI. We'd be equally delighted to see papers from early career
researchers, experts in adjacent fields and experienced groups in the
Cooperative AI space.

Accepted papers will be presented during joint virtual poster sessions and
be made publicly available as non-archival reports, allowing future
submissions to archival conferences or journals. The OpenReview link for
submitting papers is here

We invite high-quality paper submissions of new work in the following


   Agent cooperation

   Multi-agent communication

   Team formation, trust, and reputation

   Negotiation and bargaining

   Resolving commitment problems

   Agent societies, organizations, and institutions

   Equilibrium computation

   Markets, mechanism design, and economic cooperation

   Multi-agent learning

   Multi-agent and Human-AI coordination (including zero-shot)

*****  SUBMISSION DEADLINE:  25 September 2021  *****


Organizing Committee:


   Edward Hughes  (DeepMind)

   Natasha Jacques  (Google Brain, UC Berkeley)

   Jakob Foerster  (Oxford)

   Kalesha Bullard  (Facebook AI Research)

   Noam Brown  (Facebook AI Research)

If you have any questions about the workshop, please do reach out to
cooperativeai at gmail.com, and one of the organizers will be in touch.


Kalesha, on behalf of the Organizing Committee


"Imagination is everything.  It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
 --Albert Einstein
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