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Zlatomira Ilchovska z_ilchovska at abv.bg
Mon Apr 12 02:07:49 PDT 2021

Dear All, 
I'd like to please disseminate a message about an online research. I'm working with a team of researchers from different countries on a project related to Open Science. We'd like to get that to as many countries and researchers as possible, in order to have international data for comparison. Would you mind filling it in? Also, would you mind sharing that with colleagues where you are? Below is the message:
      Dear colleagues,   
       In recent years, there has been growing interest in open and transparent research worldwide. More and more practices are emerging that not only change the research process, but have already become an integral part of research in some disciplines. These practices are often summarized under the term "Open Science" (OS) and their use as well as the attitude towards them varies from person to person, subject to subject, and country to country. In this vein, several essential questions have arisen.    
       To answer these questions, we are conducting a study investigating how frequent certain OS practices are applied and which obstacles to the global dissemination of OS are present. You are eligible for participation if you are currently working as a researcher or have been working as a researcher in the past. Whether you use OS practices frequently or you have never heard of them, whether you are an advocate or opponent of the Open Science movement, your opinion is very important!   
     The study is expected to take no more than 20 minutes to complete. To participate, click on the link below. We greatly appreciate your time! Please also feel free to share the survey to your colleagues.  https://www.soscisurvey.de/oscc/  You can find out more details about the project in the OSCC OSF repository:  https://osf.io/d6pu5/  If you have any questions or interest in our research, please email us at project-OSCC at uni-saarland.de
           OSF | Hack - How common is open science today? Investigating the adoption of open science practices cross-culturally 

   Thank you! 


   Zlati Ilchovska
    PhD Researcher 
    School of Psychology 
    University of Birmingham 
     Please note that I am currently working more flexibly, which   may result in sending and    responding to emails out of hours,   but    there is no expectation on you to do the same.    
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