[CogSci] Funded Ph.D. position at the University of Connecticut

Ido Davidesco ido.davidesco at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 10:01:18 PDT 2020

Dear Cognitive Science Society,

Ido Davidesco <https://education.uconn.edu/person/ido-davidesco/>,
Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences at the Neag School of Education,
University of Connecticut (UConn), is accepting applications for
prospective Ph.D. students for fall 2021.

Please apply by December 1st through UConn’s Cognition, Instruction, and
Learning Technology Program <https://cilt.education.uconn.edu/>. Students
accepted into this program will have the opportunity to conduct research at
the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, learning sciences, and
educational technology on topics such as:
* How do students engage in STEM learning in face-to-face and virtual
* How are student engagement and learning reflected in their brain activity
and eye movements?
* How can technology support students’ ability to conduct authentic
research in STEM classrooms?
* In what ways can the science of learning inform classroom practices?

Potential applicants can contact Dr. Davidesco directly at:
ido.davidesco at uconn.edu

About UConn’s Neag School of Education:
The Neag School of Education stands out as a major contributor to
instructional and research excellence at the University of Connecticut, one
of the nation’s leading public higher education institutions. According to
the 2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings of Best Graduate Schools, the
Neag School ranks among the top 20 public graduate schools of education in
the nation. The University of Connecticut’s Educational Psychology
department is regularly ranked among the top of its kind in the nation.
With nearly 40 faculty members, the department is among the most productive
at the University. In addition to the Cognition, Instruction, and Learning
Technology Program, the department offers programs in Research Methods,
Measurement, and Evaluation; Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology;
Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development; School Psychology; and
Special Education.
For additional information: https://education.uconn.edu/doctoral/

Best regards,

Ido Davidesco, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences
Neag School of Education
University of Connecticut
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