[CogSci] openings for Ph.D training in Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Binghamton University (SUNY)

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Dear Colleagues and CogSci Community:

The Cognitive and Brain Sciences Ph.D program in Psychology at Binghamton
University of the
State University of New York is seeking new applicants to begin in Fall
2021-22. As a Carnegie
Classification recognized Research 1 institute, our faculty have a strong
commitment to quality,
cutting-edge basic and applied research. This emphasis is reflected in our
training of future
scientists. Graduate students will have the opportunity to engage and
collaborate with
internationally recognized experts investigating several topics in
cognition and cognitive
neuroscience, including attention, perception, categorization, associative
learning, memory,
analogical reasoning, reading and discourse comprehension, and speech
communication. These
areas of inquiry are addressed via cross-cutting research perspectives
including neuroscientific,
computational, and developmental approaches. Our research center for
Cognitive Applications
(CAPS) emphasizes translational and cross-disciplinary approaches, and our
students develop
broad-based technical skills (programming, data science) as well as focal
expertise in computational modeling, infrared eye tracking, functional
brain imaging (fMRI), and
event-related potentials (ERPs).

Binghamton University is located in the southern tier of upstate New York.
All graduate students
receive living stipends and full tuition scholarships. Promising applicants
will possess basic
experience working in a cognitive laboratory setting, independent research
experience, strong
communication skills, and high marks in relevant classes. GRE scores are
optional but
encouraged. Fit to mentor and lab interests are also highly emphasized, and
interested applicants
are strongly encouraged to contact a potential mentor in the program to
discuss their application.

Program faculty:

*Nick Gaspelin* (gaspelin at binghamton.edu): Cognitive and neural mechanisms
vision, attention, and distraction using eye tracking and ERP

*Peter Gerhardstein* (gerhard at binghamton.edu): Visual development and
digital influences
on perception and learning, development of low-level contour detection and
organization, eye-
tracking and ERP

*Kenneth Kurtz* (kkurtz at binghamton.edu): Behavioral and computational
investigations of
human learning and reasoning processes including categorization and
analogy; improving the
problem-solving and learning abilities of humans and machines

*Celia Klin *(cklin at binghamton.edu): Psycholinguistics, reading,
comprehension and memory
for text

*Sung-Joo Lim *(sungjoo at binghamton.edu): Auditory cognitive neuroscience,
human speech
perception and communication, neural dynamics and functional networks

*Ralph Miller* (rmiller at binghamton.edu): Basic learning and memory
processes, sources of
forgetting, reducing and enhancing forgetting, retrieval mechanisms

*Vlad Miskovic* (miskovic at binghamton.edu): Affective neuroscience, human
electrophysiology, interaction of intrinsic-extrinsic brain activity

*Deanne Westerman* (wester at binghamton.edu): Human memory; particularly
illusions, familiarity-based judgements, and the attributional processes in

*Cyma Van Petten* (cvanpett at binghamton.edu): Language processing focusing
on the
interface between semantic processing and spoken word identification,
executive processes that
contribute to memory

More information about the program and links to individual faculty pages
can be found here:

Deadlines: Dec. 10th (recommended); Dec. 31st (final). Application
materials and
explanation of the process can be found at the BU Graduate Admissions

Professor of Psychology
Binghamton University (SUNY)
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