[CogSci] Santa Fe Institute postdoc opening in skill acquisition

Amy P. Chen amypchen at santafe.edu
Mon Oct 19 11:52:54 PDT 2020


I want to let you know that the Santa Fe Institute 
<https://www.santafe.edu/> has a postdoc opening (2 to 3 years) for 
someone interested in the gain and loss of cognitive ability and expert 
levels of performance in model systems like Go and Chess, Rubik's Cube, 
Tetris, etc. The successful candidate will collaborate with David 
Krakauer (SFI), John Krakauer (Johns Hopkins, SFI), and Adrian Haith 
(Johns Hopkins). This position is funded by a James S. McDonnell 
Foundation grant on Complex Time: Adaptation, Aging, & the Arrow of Time 

Deadline for best consideration: November 1, 2020.

Detailed job ad: 

Thank you.



Amy P. Chen, Ph.D
Program Manager at the Santa Fe Institute <https://www.santafe.edu/>
Adaptation, Aging, & the Arrow of Time 
/- funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation <https://www.jsmf.org/>/

office: +1 (505) 946-2716 | mobile: +1 (505) 660-7729

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