[CogSci] Accepting applications for the Inter-university Master program in Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology (IMCEN) in Portugal!

Jorge Almeida jorgecbalmeida at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 10:57:49 PDT 2020

The Inter-university Master program in Clinical and Experimental
Neuropsychology (IMCEN) is accepting applications! IMCEN is an innovative
graduate program joining the faculty and research resources from three of
the top Portuguese Universities (Universities of Coimbra, Lisbon and Minho).

We aim at selecting an international group of psychology graduates with
solid background in psychology and neurosciences, highly motivated to
pursue a career in clinical and/or experimental neuropsychology. Students
will be provided with extensive training in cognitive neuroscience along
with training in neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. This is
accomplished through a 4 semester training program.

Information on the program and courses can be found here:


A total of 18 students will be selected and allocated to one of three
residence campi (University of Coimbra, University of Lisbon or University
of Minho) according to the application process (6 per campus). The official
teaching language is English.

Applicants have to have a BA in Psychology or Psychological Sciences.
Depending on who they want to work with, specific skills may be desirable –
strong programming skills, experience with fMRI data collection and
analysis, etc. Applicants should select one of the faculty as a potential
supervisor based on shared interests – faculty include European Research
Council grantees and very dynamic and active international researchers in
the area. Specifically, the faculty includes Óscar Gonçalves (
<https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Oscar_Goncalves>), Mário Simões (
*ORCID: 0000-0002-1311-1338*), Adriana Sampaio (
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Adriana_Sampaio2), Ana Pinheiro (
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ana_Pinheiro4/contributions), Ana
Raposo (http://www.araposo.com/) and Jorge Almeida (
For more information see:


Call for applications is open until September 4, but we recommend
contacting the faculty as a demonstration of interest. Specifically, if you
want to work with Jorge Almeida you are strongly advised to contact him
directly at (jorgealmeida at fpce.uc.pt). The application process will take
place online, and will require the following items:

-        Official university transcripts (candidates area required to have
a Psychology or Psychological Sciences degree with at least 180 ECTS
completed by the time of registration);

-        A Curriculum Vitae;

-        A personal statement that clear shows how the candidate fits at
least one of the faculty (see attached);

-        Name of potential referees.

All candidates will be individually interviewed (international candidates
may be interviewed online). For costs, please see:


Portugal is a fantastic country to live in, with a very attractive cost of
living, superb standards of living and diverse points of interest – an
extensive ocean front, mountains, world heritage monuments, etc! We will be
waiting for you!
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