[CogSci] Lab manager position: BlankLangLab, UCLA (PI: Idan A. Blank)

Idan Blank iblank at mit.edu
Wed Jun 26 12:03:34 PDT 2019

A self-motivated, reliable, and highly detail-oriented individual is sought for a full-time Lab Manager position in the BlankLangLab at the UCLA Psychology Department (Principal Investigator: Idan A. Blank, www.idanblank.com<http://www.idanblank.com/>). Our research examines the functional architecture of language comprehension in the human mind and brain: how do different cognitive mechanisms work together such that language "means something"? What mental structures constitute these meanings? How are different aspects of the linguistic input processed to construct such mental structures? The lab employs neuroimaging (functional MRI), computational modeling, and behavioral methods to investigate language processing mechanisms and how they go awry in language disorders.

The position is an ideal opportunity for someone with a strong technical background and a serious interest in cognitive science/neuroscience to explore the field as a possible stepping stone to graduate school.

Responsibilities: Under the supervision of the PI, the individual in this position will be involved in all aspects of research, including: programing fMRI, computational, and behavioral (including web-based) experiments; recruiting participants; collecting and analyzing data; and assisting in manuscript preparation for publication. In addition, the lab manager will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the lab's pipelines for data processing and analysis; writing lab and project documentation; data management; creating and updating the lab website; technical support of lab personnel; and performing some administrative duties.

Requirements: Candidate must have all of the following (if you’re in doubt about your qualifications - go ahead and apply!):
(1) Bachelor's degree in cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science, engineering, psychology, physics, or math, or an equivalent combination of education and experienc.
(2) Strong math (especially linear algebra), statistics, and computer skills (Matlab, Python, shell scripting) + substantial programming experience. R and TensorFlow / PyTorch would be a plus, but are not necessary.
(3) General understanding of experimental research design & methods.
(4) Mac and Windows troubleshooting skills and good knowledge of the Linux/Unix environment.
(5) At least one year of experience working or volunteering in research lab settings.
(6) Research experience in cognitive neuroscience (ideally, conducting and/or analyzing fMRI experiments and/or anatomical MRI studies and/or modeling) or computational cognitive science / NLP.
(7) Skill in working both independently and collaboratively in a face-paced environment, as well as work as part of a team.
(8) Multitasking skills, i.e., independently prioritizing assignments to complete work in a timely fashion and demonstrating flexibility in responding to changing needs and resolving issues.

Starting date: flexible, between August and January 2019. This is a one year position, with strong preference for at least a one-year extension.

Application: please apply via https://hr.mycareer.ucla.edu/, position (requisition number) 30606.

Deadline: July 10, 2019 (but please contact me if you have missed the deadline and are still interested in applying!).

Questions? Please contact Idan: iblank at psych dot ucla dot edu
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