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Michael C. Frank mcfrank at stanford.edu
Fri Jun 21 14:50:35 PDT 2019

Hi all,

Stanford's interdisciplinary cognitive science major, Symbolic Systems, is
hiring for a course coordinator to help build our instructional offerings.
If you have a PhD in a related field and are interested in undergraduate
pedagogy, we encourage you to apply!

Details are below. The application is accessible at:

Please forward as appropriate,

Michael C. Frank
David and Lucile Packard Professor of Human Biology
Department of Psychology
Stanford University

*Symbolic Systems Teaching Coordinator – Fixed Term, 2 years*

*Program Description:*

Stanford University's Symbolic Systems Program (SSP) and Center for the
Study of Language and Information (CSLI) are two core parts of the
cognitive science community at Stanford. SSP is an interdisciplinary BS-
and MS-granting program with coursework in Psychology, Linguistics,
Philosophy, and Computer Science. SSP has grown substantially in the past
years and is now one of the largest interdisciplinary programs on campus.
Its graduates have had distinguished careers in technology, academia, and
other areas.

CSLI is an interdisciplinary center with participants across across campus,
offering a research experience program for undergraduates (REU) every
summer. The CSLI REU accepts applications from undergraduate students
within the US and immerses them in an 8-week paid internship program where
they are matched with a mentor on an original cognitive science research
project. The REU is now in its fifth year and is highly competitive, with
many alumni now in strong graduate programs.

For more information about Symbolic Systems please visit:
http://symsys.stanford.edu. For more information about CSLI, please visit
https://www-csli.stanford.edu/ and

*Job Summary:*

This is an instructional position with a focus on supporting undergraduate
education through classroom teaching and research. The position combines a
60% commitment to supporting the introductory curriculum for SSP,
specifically the SymSys1 introductory course, with a 40% commitment to
supporting the CSLI REU program. The candidate should be motivated to
contribute to undergraduate instruction and interested in working directly
with students as well as with course staff, teaching assistants, and
research mentors.

Within SSP, the Academic Program Professional will coordinate teaching
assistants for SymSys1 and conduct trainings for these teaching assistants,
will curate course content, will coordinate assessment, and will give
occasional guest lectures (with opportunities for more substantive
instructional experiences based on experience).

Within the CSLI REU, the Academic Program Professional will coordinate the
summer program, including conducting outreach to mentors and potential
interns, coordinating intern application review, scheduling summer seminar,
orientation, and social events, and working with interns to ensure a
positive mentored research experience.

*Job Purpose:*

To work with instructors and research mentors to enhance the undergraduate
experiences in both SymSys1 and the CSLI REU by coordinating and organizing
course and program components.


   - Oversee and administer research activities by evaluating academic
   programs, making recommendations that impact policies and programs, and
   coordinating and implementing changes.
   - Collect and analyze data, create reports, review and explain trends to
   determine program effectiveness; formulate and evaluate alternative
   solutions and/or recommendations to achieve the goals of the program.
   - Teach and/or assist in the teaching and administration of courses.
   Create and/or advise in the development of curriculum. Make recommendations
   for course improvements.
   - Write and edit content for proposals, peer-reviewed publications, and
   other program activities under the general direction of PI. Assist with the
   development of research grants, (i.e., may suggest new funding
   opportunities, write portions of grants, and/or summarize data for grant
   - Represent the program or function as the key contact and subject
   matter expert within the department, unit or school and develop
   communications for internal and external constituencies. Organize and/or
   participate in outreach activities such as events, partnerships,
   fundraising, training, and conferences. Lead workshops and facilitate
   - Monitor expenses, budgets, and finances of the program. Make
   recommendations on funding based on program spend.
   - May oversee and train student workers.

** - Other duties may also be assigned*
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