[CogSci] MIT Summer Research Program in Brain and Cognitive Neuroscience

Roger Levy rplevy at mit.edu
Sun Jan 14 11:53:13 PST 2018

Dear colleagues,

I’m writing to draw your attention to MIT’s Summer Research Program in Brain and Cognitive Neuroscience.  This is a 10-week summer research-intensive program in all fields of neuroscience, including cognitive science.  The program is aimed at providing research opportunities for talented undergraduates (sophomores and juniors) that are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, members of under-represented ethnic groups, women, or non-traditional college students (over 25), and who are potentially interested in attending graduate school and pursuing a career in research.  The application deadline is January 30; further information about the program, and application instructions, can be found at:


Please pass this information on to potentially interested students!




Roger Levy
Associate Professor
Dept. of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
rplevy at mit.edu

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