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Jennifer S Cole jennifer.cole1 at northwestern.edu
Mon Oct 16 14:53:31 PDT 2017

The Department of Linguistics at Northwestern University invites applications for fully funded graduate fellowships for doctoral study in linguistics and interdisciplinary approaches to the science of language. The Department of Linguistics is pleased to announce new faculty and new opportunities for student research and training in the areas of sociolinguistics, laboratory phonology and prosody, which complement existing strengths in the study of grammar, meaning, sound structure, language processing and computational linguistics. Both within and beyond the Linguistics Department, Northwestern has a vibrant community of researchers actively working on a wide variety of issues in language structure and processing, utilizing formal, experimental, corpus and computational methods and diverse populations and languages.

Research areas

  *   Structure of linguistic systems within and across levels: Pragmatics, Semantics, Syntax, Morphology, Phonology, Phonetics
  *   Perception, production and acquisition of first and second languages
  *   Dynamics of language: diachronic change; experience-related plasticity
  *   Prosody in speech production and perception across languages
  *   Social meaning of linguistic variation and change

  *   Statistical modeling; probabilistic approaches to language structure and processing
  *   Formal/mathematical theories of linguistic systems
  *   Experimental studies of language; psycholinguistics
  *   Acoustic phonetics and speech perception
  *   Machine learning and natural language processing; corpus analysis
  *   Sociolinguistic fieldwork

  *   Mono- and multilingual
  *   Adults across the lifespan
  *   Acquired and developmental disorders

For more information on graduate study, research, and the application process, visit us online:
http://www.linguistics.northwestern.edu/programs/graduate.html .

If you have questions please contact the Director of Admissions, Professor Klinton Bicknell, at: admissions at ling.northwestern.edu <mailto:admissions at ling.northwestern.edu> .

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