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GIAVAZZI Maria maria.giavazzi at ens.fr
Mon Oct 9 05:48:53 PDT 2017

Dear all,

The Cognitive Science Departement 
(http://www.cognition.ens.fr/indexENG.html) of Ecole Normale Supérieure 
in Paris (Département d'études cognitives, DEC) aims to recruit advanced 
undergraduate international students in Cognitive Science and in 

DEC and Ecole Normale Supérieure (http://www.ens.fr) offer several 
international fellowships, intended for advanced undergraduate students.

Students will either
- directly enroll in a master's program (two-year or three-year 
fellowship), the CogMaster 
- first complete their last year of undergraduate studies and then 
enroll in a master's program (three-year fellowship).

These fellowships will be attributed on the basis of a national 
competitive exam, known as the 'ENS international selection'.

For more details (including about eligibility), please visit: 

The fellowships include:
- monthly stipend: 1000 euros;
- possibility of subsidized housing;
- access to subsidized cafeteria (about 4 euros/meal);
- minimal tuition fees (about 500 euros/year).

How to Apply:
More detailed information is available on line:
- http://www.cognition.ens.fr/EnseignementFinancementENG.html

Applications Deadline: 9-Nov-2017

Web Address for Applications:

Contact Information:
        Maria Giavazzi
        maria.giavazzi at ens.fr

Maria Giavazzi, Ph.D.
Laboratoire de Neuropsychologie Interventionnelle
Département d'Etudes Cognitives
Ecole normale supérieure
29, rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris, France

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