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Ting Qian tqian86 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 19:54:08 PDT 2017

Dear colleagues,

We'd like to introduce *FindingFive* <http://www.findingfive.com/>: a
one-stop platform for online behavioral research. Born from our own
experiences (and frustrations) with running Amazon Mechanical Turk studies,
FindingFive is designed to greatly simplify the process of creating,
running, and managing web-based studies for psychologists, linguists, and
cognitive scientists.

We really like FindingFive for four reasons:

   - Everything can be done on the FindingFive website, from creating your
   study to launching sessions to obtaining participants’ data in CSV,
   completely eliminating the need to set up your own programs and servers.
   FindingFive is dual-platform too – it works with and without Amazon
   Mechanical Turk.

   - The Study Specification Grammar used to rapidly create studies is
   designed by researchers for researchers. It uses a familiar and intuitive
   terminology. For example, every FindingFive study is built from 4 core
   components - stimuli, responses, trial templates, and procedure. These
   common building blocks combine to form a study, and can be tweaked to
   implement flexible experimental designs.

   - FindingFive is well-documented! We have the Crash Course
   <https://help.findingfive.com/researcher-tutorial.html>, the Study
   Specification Grammar Reference
   <https://help.findingfive.com/api/index.html>, and Cookbook
   <https://help.findingfive.com/cookbook/index.html> chapters. We are
   usually very responsive to your questions too! Just email
   researcher.help at findingfive.com whenever you run into problems.

   - It’s *free* for researchers to use. FindingFive is currently a
   community effort, which we hope to run as a non-profit in the future.

*Interested?* We are currently looking for 3 additional labs to join the
beta program. *We are particularly interested in working with small
research labs that have not had the resources to run online studies*
(although everyone is welcome!). Please kindly let us know before you sign
up here <https://www.findingfive.com/signup/?invite_code=9M7WXD3N> with the
invitation code 9M7WXD3N.


Ting, Katie & Noah
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