[CogSci] Extended Masters fellowships at the ENS (Paris, France)

Maria Giavazzi maria.giavazzi at ens.psl.eu
Wed Nov 23 04:05:56 PST 2022

The Department of Cognitive Studies (DEC) at Ecole Normale Supérieure is 
inviting applications for a fully-funded extended 3-year Masters program 
in Cognitive Science, which offers interdisciplinary training in 
Linguistics, Philosophy, Cognitive Social Science, Psychology, 
Neuroscience, Modeling and Cognitive engineering 
(https://cognition.ens.fr/en). Students can then pursue a fully-funded 
PhD at ENS or elsewhere in France, conditioned on a mid-term evaluation.

Deadline for applications:
December 7, 2022 (23h59, Central European Time)

More information on the website: 

Maria Giavazzi, Ph.D.
Associate Professor / Maitre de conférences

École Normale Supérieure, Department of Cognitive Studies (DEC), Paris, 

e: maria.giavazzi at ens.psl.eu
w: https://cognition.ens.fr/en/member/634/maria-giavazzi

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