[CogSci] Fully funded PhD in Psychology at Rutgers University (Due 12/15)

Jenny Wang jinjing.jenny.wang at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 04:19:14 PST 2022

The Psychology Department (Cognitive Area) at Rutgers University - New
Brunswick is seeking applicants for fully funded positions in the PhD
program. We have an outstanding team on the faculty specializing in
cognitive development, with close links to the Rutgers Center for Cognitive
Science and our world-class Philosophy Department. Some of the faculty
research interests include language, memory, theory of mind, moral
reasoning, sensory-motor development, numerical cognition, and curiosity.

The application deadline is *December 15th*. You can find more information
about the application process here
Please note that our program does *not* require GRE scores for applications
this year.

We welcome applications from under-represented ethnic minorities, women,
applicants with disabilities, first-generation college graduates, and
non-traditional students. Additional fellowships are available to
under-represented minorities and students with economically disadvantaged

PhD students at Rutgers are represented by our union along with faculty,
staff, and post-docs (https://rutgersaaup.org/graduate-students/). This
unity with the full-time faculty has meant decades of advocacy on issues
facing graduate employees, such as workload protections, fair compensation,
and employment support  that has good working conditions in order to learn
on-the-job and protect students' time so you can also make good progress
towards earning your degrees.

PhD students in the Cognitive Psychology program also have the opportunity
to learn and conduct research in areas outside their specialization through
the Graduate Certificate
<https://ruccs.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/graduate-certificate> program
at RuCCS to collaborate with an interdisciplinary faculty from departments
of Linguistics, Philosophy, Computer Science, Engineering, and beyond.

Please encourage your students to apply to the Psychology PhD program
(Cognitive Area) at Rutgers University!



Jenny Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Department of Psychology & Center for Cognitive Science
Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Cognition and Learning Center <https://sites.sas.rutgers.edu/cognition/>
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