[CogSci] Winter School 2022 - Algorithms for Graphs and Games (Dec 5-11) & Responsible AI (Dec 11-15) - IIT Jodhpur

Romi Banerjee rm.banerjee at gmail.com
Tue Nov 1 05:59:51 PDT 2022

Dear Colleague,

Season's Greetings & Greetings of the day!

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering
<https://cse.iitj.ac.in/>, in
association with TIH iHub Drishti <https://ihub-drishti.ai/> at IIT Jodhpur
<https://iitj.ac.in/>, is happy to announce "Winter School 2022" - a
bouquet of two schools:

   - "Algorithms for Graphs and Games":
   December 05-11, 2022;
   - "Responsible AI":
   https://cse.iitj.ac.in/index.php/events/winter-school/responsible-ai --
   December 11-15, 2022, and
   - A common poster presentation session on -- December 11, 2022.

The event will comprise:

   - Lectures by national and international experts from University of
   Bergen, Norway, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, IIT Delhi, IMSc,
   Chennai, Google Research India, Microsoft Research, John Hopkins
   University, IBM India Research Laboratory, University of South Florida, IIT
   Jodhpur amongst others;
   - Hands-on training of fundamental and applied contemporary concepts
   from researchers and industry experts;
   - Ample opportunities to interact and network with peers and experts

The schools promise to be of interest and benefit to students (UG, PG and
Ph.D), faculty and professionals across industries.
Details on the schedule, logistics, and scholarships can be found on the
websites highlighted above...

Please register here: *https://forms.eduqfix.com/iitwinterform/add*
Participants may also consider submitting abstracts for the poster
presentation on December 11, 2022 (not compulsory for registration)
The deadline for registration is: November 15, 2022

We look forward to your participation and help in spreading word about the
Please find brochures of the event attached...

If you have any questions, please write to us @ office_cse at iitj.ac.in…
We will get back to you as soon as we can..

Thank You and Warm Regards,

Romi Banerjee
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT
Jodhpur <https://cse.iitj.ac.in/>
Affiliate Faculty, Center for Brain Science and Applications - School of AI
and Data Science, IIT Jodhpur <https://cbsaiitj.wordpress.com/>
Digital Curator, Society for the Neuroscience of Creativity
Web: https://sites.google.com/site/romibitsnbob/home
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