[CogSci] Registration open and submission deadline extended for CDS pre-conference "Theory-theory turns thirty-something: Reflections and new directions"

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Tue Feb 15 06:43:31 PST 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Registration is now open for our CDS pre-conference workshop, “*Theory-theory
turns thirty-something: Reflections and new directions*.” Please register
through the CDS website (link: https://cogdevsoc.org/registration/). We
will provide breakfast, lunch, and coffee throughout the day. Registration
for this full-day workshop costs $35 for students (undergraduate and
graduate), $45 for other early-career researchers (postdocs, research
staff, pre-tenure faculty), and $55 for general registration. Please see
below for an overview of the day.

We are also *still accepting submission for posters and ~5-minute flash
talks from early-career researchers*. Our original deadline for submission
was tonight, but we are happy to accept proposals for an additional week
(new deadline: Tuesday, 2/22/22, 2:22pm -- just kidding, any time is fine).
All early-career researchers, from undergraduates through pre-tenure
faculty, are welcome to submit, and we are happy to consider featuring
posters or talks that will also be presented at the main conference (in
other words, feel free to "double dip"). One of the goals of the organizers
is to cultivate a diverse list of presenters with respect to race,
ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, religiosity, disability, and so
forth. You are welcome but not required to mention how you would contribute
to this goal in the "other comments" section at the end of the submission

*To submit a proposal to present a poster or ‘flash talk’, please fill out
the following Google Form*: https://forms.gle/gnyjRGFwAaJnwiwD8. Decisions
will be sent out by March 4, 2022.

We look forward to seeing you in Madison, Wisconsin on April 21, 2022!

Kara Weisman, Kirsten Lesage, Rebekah Richert, and Kathleen Corriveau

*Overview of the day:*

Theory-theory has had tremendous reach within cognitive developmental
science and beyond, extending from its early roots in “folk psychology,”
“folk biology,” and “naive physics,” to more recent explorations of the
development of “intuitive sociology,” “folk anthropology,” “intuitive
archeology,” “folk philosophy of mind,” and so on. In this pre-conference,
the CDS community is invited to come together on April 21, 2022, to reflect
on how this theoretical perspective has evolved over the past three
decades, how the diversification of our methods and content areas has
pushed this collective research program forward, and what questions and
controversies remain to be explored.

The day will begin with a structured mentorship program between junior and
senior scholars, followed by a “fireside chat” discussion with the authors
of two of the seminal papers that popularized theory-theory among cognitive
developmentalists: Drs. *Susan Gelman*, *Alison Gopnik*, and *Henry Wellman*.
In a keynote symposium we will hear from leading scholars on some of the
cutting-edge research that is pushing the field’s understanding of “folk
theories” forward, including work employing computational modeling and
cultural comparison (Dr. *Julian Jara-Ettinger*), work on how language and
culture shape folk biology (Dr. *Florencia Anggoro*), work on children’s
active information seeking (Dr. *Jinjing Jenny Wang*), and work on “folk
sociology” (Dr. *Kristin Shutts*). After a leisurely lunch, we will host a
second “fireside chat” discussion with senior scholars whose work has
defined, transformed, and challenged “theory-theory,” including Drs. *Michelene
Chi*, *John Coley*, *Tamsin German*, *Paul Harris*, and *Chuck Kalish*. The
day will conclude with a “flash talk” session and a poster session
featuring new and ongoing work by early-career researchers.

Kara Weisman, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Project Director
Developing Belief Network
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