[CogSci] Save the dates! IMPRS for Language Sciences conference June 1-3 2022

Hustá, Cecília Cecilia.Husta at mpi.nl
Thu Feb 3 09:44:04 PST 2022

Save the dates! IMPRS for Language Sciences conference June 1-3 2022

The IMPRS conference will be back this year between June 1-3 2022 in a hybrid format. The aim of the biennial IMPRS conference series on Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences is to inspire the next generation of language scientists to take on new challenges that will further our understanding of the human language ability. Our third edition will focus on four main themes:

  *   The bigger picture of language acquisition

featuring Prof. Dr. Jesse Snedeker<https://mbb.harvard.edu/people/jesse-snedeker> & Dr. Tilbe Göksun<http://www.tilbegoksunyoruk.com/index.html>

  *   The cognitive and neural dynamics of language production

featuring Dr. Kristof Strijkers<https://kristofstrijkers.weebly.com/> & Dr. Xiaochen Zheng<https://xiaochenzheng.github.io/>

  *    The multidimensionality of language comprehension

featuring Prof. Dr. Arthur Samuel<https://www.bcbl.eu/en/conocenos/equipo/arthur-samuel> & Dr. Linda Drijvers<https://lindadrijvers.nl/>

  *    The evolution of language: from neurons to behaviour

featuring Dr. Reyna Gordon<https://www.vumc.org/music-cognition-lab/person/reyna-l-gordon-phd> & Dr. Daniela Vallentin<https://www.gsn.uni-muenchen.de/people/research/behav_cog_ns/vallentin/index.html>

A unique aspect of this conference is that, alongside presentations on empirical research, we will organise an open ‘Behind The Science’ discussion in which scientists share the sources of insights and inspiration that drive their research. This way, early career scientists can discover much of the unspoken yet essential processes that lead to ground-breaking research. Moreover, several workshops will take place on the last day of the conference.

Find out more on our website <https://www.mpi.nl/imprs-conference> or on Twitter<https://twitter.com/imprsconference?s=20>.

Yours sincerely,

IMPRS conference organizing committee
 Gökberk Alagöz<https://www.mpi.nl/people/alagoz-gokberk> • Rong Ding<https://www.mpi.nl/people/ding-rong> • Cecília Hustá<https://www.mpi.nl/people/husta-cecilia> • Laura Giglio<https://www.mpi.nl/people/giglio-laura> • Figen Karaca<http://figenkaraca.com/> • Sara Mazzini <https://www.mpi.nl/people/mazzini-sara> • Koen de Reus<https://www.mpi.nl/people/reus-koen-de> • Giulio Severijnen<https://www.ru.nl/english/people/severijnen-g/>

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