[CogSci] 2x Funded PhD positions in Learning & Decision Neuroscience at the University of Birmingham, UK

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Fri Dec 30 14:14:42 PST 2022

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**2x Funded PhD positions in Learning & Decision Neuroscience at the
University of Birmingham, UK**

Dr. Lei Zhang (https://lei-zhang.net/), is looking for 2x PhD students
interested in the cognitive, computational, and neural basis of (social)
learning and decision-making in health and disease. The deadline for
applications is in January 2023 to start in autumn 2023.

The newly opened ALP(E)N Lab (Adaptive Learning Psychology and Neuroscience
Lab) addresses the fundamental question of the “adaptive brain” by studying
the cognitive, computational, and neurobiological basis of (social)
learning and decision-making in healthy individuals (across the lifespan),
and in psychiatric disorders. We combine an array of approaches including
neuroimaging, patient studies and computational modelling (particularly
hierarchical Bayesian modelling) with behavioural paradigms inspired by
learning theories. The lab has a strong emphasis on equality, diversity and
supporting lab members to thrive.

The lab is based at the Centre for Human Brain Health (
https://birmingham.ac.uk/research/centre-human-brain-health/index.aspx) and
Institute of Mental Health (
https://birmingham.ac.uk/research/mental-health/index.aspx) at the
University of Birmingham, UK, with access to exceptional facilities
including MRI, MEG, TMS, and fNIRS.

Funding is available through two competitive schemes from the BBSRC (
https://www.ukri.org/councils/bbsrc/) and MRC (
https://www.ukri.org/councils/mrc/) that provide a stipend, fees (at UK
rate) and a research allowance, amongst other benefits. International (ie,
outside UK) applicants are welcome.

The BBSRC project "Unravelling adaptive and flexible learning behaviour
under social dynamics in health and disease" is in collaboration with Dr.
Matthew Apps (Birmingham).
Link to details:

The MRC Project "Neurocomputational mechanisms of self-referencing in
social anxiety" is in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Lockwood
(Birmingham), Dr. Mark Haselgrove (Nottingham) and Dr. Mona Garvert
(London, as Industry Partner)
Link to details:

Interested candidates should first send their CV and a short statement of
research intentions by 9th January 2023 to Dr. Lei Zhang (
l.zhang.13 at bham.ac.uk) before applying through the schemes, as only a small
number of applicants can be put forward. Informal inquiries should also be
directed to Dr. Lei Zhang.

Many thanks,

Dr. Lei Zhang
Principal Investigator/Associate Professor
Centre for Human Brain Health & Institute for Mental Health
School of Psychology
University of Birmingham, UK

e: l.zhang.13 at bham.ac.uk
w: lei-zhang.net
t: @lei_zhang_lz
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