[CogSci] Postgrad RA position studying emotion and decision-making in emotional and substance use disorders

Marishka Mehta marishka.mehta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 10:02:22 PST 2022

The lab of Dr. Ryan Smith focuses on understanding the cognitive,
computational, and neural basis of emotion and decision-making. The lab
also tries to understand how these processes are affected in depression,
anxiety, and substance use disorders. This RA position consists of
recruiting and screening participants, giving assessments, and guiding
participants through experimental study protocols including decision tasks
and MRI scanning. It also involves data management and analysis, with the
opportunity to contribute to posters and papers when other responsibilities
are completed. A minimum commitment of at least 2 years is required.

The lab is located at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research (LIBR) in
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. For details on the lab and the institute, see:
https://www.laureateinstitute.org/ryan-smith.html. Unfortunately, we cannot
sponsor visas for international applicants.

In addition to a background in psychology, programming skills for data
analysis are preferred, but not required (the lab primarily uses R and
MATLAB). You will have the opportunity to learn these skills while working
here. Experience with computer science and mathematics is also not
required, but would be considered an advantage.

If interested, please email Dr. Smith at: rsmith at laureateinstitute.org
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