[CogSci] CMC Emotion Workshop, June 6-7, 2022

Christian Lebiere cl at cmu.edu
Mon Apr 25 14:25:18 PDT 2022

Greetings. As previously announced, the first virtual workshop in the
biannual Common Model of Cognition (CMC) series will take place on June 6
and 7, 2022. The meeting will feature invited talks by Joost Broekens and
Joseph Ledoux followed by a series of working groups, with the goal of
making scientific progress on the integration of emotions into the CMC. The
meeting is open to all, with the provision that each potential participant
must provide an abstract on the topic. The abstracts will help us cluster
participants in working groups and demonstrate a minimal level of
commitment to the workshop. Abstracts are limited to 750 words and one
(optional) figure, to be submitted using this Google Form
<https://forms.gle/vm4JSU1aGrAvsJ6S9> no later than *Sunday May 8*.

John Laird, Christian Lebiere, Paul Rosenbloom, and Andrea Stocco
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