[CogSci] MIT - Postdoc in Biologically Inspired Deep Learning

Xavier Boix xboix at mit.edu
Tue Apr 12 04:37:55 PDT 2022

We are seeking to fill a postdoctoral position at the MIT Brain and
Cognitive Science Department as part of a multidisciplinary project that
aims at translating discoveries from human visual perception into machine
deployable strategies, in the domain of face and body recognition in low
quality imagery. This project is funded by IARPA (Intelligence Advanced
Research Projects Activity, www.iarpa.gov) and will take place at the Sinha
laboratory at MIT (www.sinhalab.mit.edu) under the supervision of Prof.
Pawan Sinha and Dr. Xavier Boix (www.mit.edu/~xboix).

RESEARCH TOPIC: There is a big gap between machine and biological learning
in terms of the ability to recognize people in a number of degraded
conditions (eg. at a distance and in novel viewpoints and illumination
conditions). The postdoctoral trainee’s role in this project will be to
develop a computationally-grounded understanding of the principles that
allow for the human robust recognition and translate this understanding
into algorithms. The postdoctoral trainee will need to collaborate and
interact with other team members who experiment with human subjects to gain
new insights about the strategies used by humans.

REQUIRED: a Ph.D. in computer science, neuroscience, cognitive science, or
related field by the start date; expertise in computer vision, deep
learning, and computational neuroscience.

MORE INFO: Questions and inquires about the position may be directed to Dr.
Xavier Boix (xboix at mit.edu)


Please include a CV, cover letter, research statement, and contact
information for three potential letter writers (which may be included as a
single pdf).

Xavier Boix
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