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Cleotilde Gonzalez coty at cmu.edu
Sun Apr 10 15:21:00 PDT 2022

Dear Colleagues,
My lab, Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory (www.cmu.edu/ddmlab<http://www.cmu.edu/ddmlab>) at Carnegie Mellon University, has a new post-doctoral position available to start at any time between June 1 and September 1, 2022.  This is a full time research position with full benefits, for one year with a possibility of renewal for one additional year conditional on performance and availability of funds.

A new post-doctoral fellow will support the projects on human-machine teaming. Under this umbrella, we explore many issues of interest to cognitive science, computational cognitive modeling, and decision science. For example, we look at issues of Theory of Mind and how to represent it computationally; we also look at issues of trust in AI and adoption of recommendations; and we look at issues of human-AI collaboration, among many other themes.  These themes take place in various applied settings such as cyber security, phishing, and search and rescue scenarios.

A new post-doctoral fellow will need to be familiar with experimental research and with cognitive computational modeling.  A post-doctoral fellow will be involved in the design and implementation of interactive web-based experimental studies with one or more (networked) agents (either humans or models). The post-doctoral fellow will also engage in the development of computational models of individual and collective behavior; paying special attention to cognitive modeling methods in cognitive science such as: cognitive architectures, Instance-Based Learning models, Reinforcement Learning, and Bayesian approaches.

Required qualifications:
-- A Ph.D. (completed by start of employment) in cognitive science; behavioral psychology, human factors engineering, engineering or computer science with experience in behavioral science.
-- A technical background is required regardless of the Ph.D. degree; for example, a Ph.D. in social psychology with no experience in engineering or computational approaches would not be acceptable.
-- Experience with programming (preferably Python, Java, Javascript, PhP, and others)
-- Training in behavioral science research methods and statistical analyses.
-- Experience with statistical software (preferably R, others acceptable).
-- Experience with computational/cognitive modeling (e.g., reinforcement learning, ACT-R models, IBL models).
-- Demonstrable writing abilities through publications and good communication skills.
Desired qualifications:
-- Experience with client-server web programming and design.
-- Experience working with interdisciplinary, collaborative teams, and managing research assistants.

Prof. Cleotilde Gonzalez
Research Professor of Decision Science
Founding Director of Dynamic Decision Making Laboratory
Social and Decision Sciences Department
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave. Porter Hall 208
Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
phone: 412-268-6242
Fax: 412-268-6938
E-mail: coty at cmu.edu<mailto:coty at cmu.edu>

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