[CogSci] Part-time Research Assistant (remote position)

Paul Smaldino psmaldino at ucmerced.edu
Fri Sep 3 14:04:21 PDT 2021

Our team of collaborators (based at SFI, UC Merced, and U Indiana) are looking to hire a part-time research assistant (working remotely) on a computational social science project about political identity signaling only. We are especially interested in people with strong Python coding skills and experience with online experiments. More info in the linked ad:

Jobs: Part-time Research Assistant | Santa Fe Institute<https://www.santafe.edu/about/jobs/Part-time-Research-Assistant>
<p>The Santa Fe Institute is seeking an hourly research assistant to join a team investigating the use of overt and covert political signaling on Twitter and in behavioral experiments. Current team members include Zack Dunivin, Mirta Galesic, Paul Smaldino, and Tamara van der Does.</p> <p> </p> <p><em>We will start reviewing applications on September 13, 2021</em></p>

The position is open to both undergrad and grad students, as well as those in-between (e.g., a recent grad looking for research experience before applying to grad school). Please pass along to any interested parties, and feel free to email me with any questions.

Paul Smaldino
UC Merced
psmaldino at ucmerced.edu

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