[CogSci] Postdoc job at the Santa Fe Institute

Melanie Mitchell mm at santafe.edu
Fri Sep 3 19:29:50 PDT 2021

I am hiring a postdoc at the Santa Fe Institute to work on an NSF-funded project to develop useful evaluation methods for AI systems that perform abstraction and analogy-making.   

The start date for the position is flexible, but with a rough target of January 2022.   Depending on circumstances at the time, the postdoc may begin the position remotely rather than in person. 

Candidates are required to have a Ph.D. (by the start date) in an area related to AI or cognitive science and should have broad interests in these fields.   

For more information and application instructions, go to  https://www.santafe.edu/about/jobs/Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Opportunity-in-Artificial- <https://www.santafe.edu/about/jobs/Postdoctoral-Fellowship-Opportunity-in-Artificial->

Melanie Mitchell
Davis Professor
Santa Fe Institute
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