[CogSci] [Postes] Postdoctoral Fellowships in Engineering / IHM / Cognitive Neurosciences at Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute (San-Francisco)

Marc-Aurèle Rivière ma.riviere987 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 12:45:49 PST 2021

The *Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute (SKERI <https://www.ski.org/>)*
announces the opening of an exciting opportunity to apply for *postdoctoral
fellowships*. We have three open positions: one funded by a
Smith-Kettlewell fellowship and potentially two funded by an NEI
Institutional Training Grant.

In connection with these openings, the *Coughlan lab* (
www.ski.org/users/james-coughlan) is seeking individuals interested in
working with Dr. James Coughlan. Dr. Coughlan focuses on
*accessibility technology
research for visual impairments*, including the following topics:
- Indoor and outdoor wayfinding;
- Using Augmented Reality interfaces to mediate audio-haptic interactions
with media and objects such as tactile graphics and 3D models used in STEM
and educational contexts;
- Hand gesture-based user interfaces;
- User interfaces facilitating effective camera use by individuals with
visual impairments.

Such research will draw on a variety of environmental sensing technologies,
including computer vision, SLAM and visual-inertial odometry, inertial
sensors, machine learning/deep learning and crowdsourcing, as appropriate.

Smith-Kettlewell is a uniquely attractive place to receive postdoctoral
training in vision research and related fields. Our program offers the
flexibility to design an individualized training plan tailored to achieve
each fellow’s specific career goals. We train fellows to become independent
scientists, with strong support and encouragement for fellows to propose
and pursue their own research in close collaboration and mentorship with
one or more of our experienced principal investigators. Many of our fellows
have successfully established their own funded research programs with
fruitful and fulfilling careers.

The fellowships require a Ph.D. or M.D. and are normally awarded for two
years, with our most successful fellows often being invited to continue as
sponsored investigators. Applications from individuals with disabilities or
other underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged. The NEI Training
Grant requires that fellows be US citizens or permanent residents. The
Smith-Kettlewell fellowship is open to US Citizens and
foreign nationals. Applications will be accepted until *January 31, 2021*.
Details of the program and application procedures can be found at
http://www.ski.org/how-apply. To apply, please contact Dr. Coughlan (
coughlan at ski.org) or one of the other mentors (
https://www.ski.org/current-mentors) to begin the application process. If
you have further questions, please email Dr. Preeti Verghese or
Beatriz St. John at fellowships at ski.org.
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