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With just 2 weeks to go, this is the final call for participants to register for upcoming neuroscience online courses, organized by ScienceBeam Academy, as described below:
1) “Deep Dive into Event Related Potentials (ERPs) Technique” Online Course
Prospective overview of the sessions:
1. Basics of EEG signal and EEG recordings: Overview of the theory behind neural signals (History), Generation and Propagation of ERP and EEG, Different EEG Recording Systems with its specifics (Amplifier, Electrodes etc.), 10/20 Electrode System, Reference, Montages, Impedance, etc., Brain Rhythms and Cognition (Based on Clinical and Research Studies) 
2. Basics of ERP Components: ERP Components (MMN, P300, N400, N170, VPP, CNV, Sensory ERP Components, etc.), Difference Wave, Forward-Inverse Problem, Challenges in ERP Source Localization, Peaks and Components
3. EEG-ERP Prepossessing with Various Preprocessing Pipelines : Basic Principles and Challenges, Filtering, Baseline Correction, Interpolation, Artifact Rejection and Correction, Re-referencing, ICA etc., Pipelines: MAKATO, HAPPE, BEAP and etc.
4. Experimental Design: Principles of Experimental design for ERP in Clinical and Research Settings, Significance of Measurement Window, Common Design Problems and Solutions, Case Studies on research articles with good and bad design
5. Basic Analysis: Quantifying ERP Amplitudes and Latencies, Introduction to the Analysis tool boxes (EEGLAB, ERPLAB), FFT, Time Frequency Analysis
6. Common Mistakes (in lack of parameters): Overlapping, Filtering, Epoching, Baseline Correction, Measurement Window

• Instructor: Mrs. Pragati Gupta, M.Sc. in Neuro-psychology from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University, India and a Student Member at Indian Academy of Neuroscience
• Course Length: 7-sessions online course
• Introductory webinar: https://sciencebeam.com/erplab-webinar/ 
• Registration: https://sciencebeam.com/pragati-gupta-course/ 
o Deadline: May 5, 2021

2) “Modeling Electrophysiological Activities: From Single Neuron to Nervous Tissue” Online Course. Theoretical and experimental hands-on course including lab sessions, in which you will learn about extracellular recording from rat models and also working with single-unit and Local Field Potential (LFP) data.
Prospective overview of the sessions:
1. Session 1:
➢ Systems and complex system in neurosciences
➢ Origins of electrophysiological signals and measurements
➢ Electrophysiology and relevant features for computational modeling: Membrane potential, Raster plot, Local field potential
2. Session 2:
➢ Understanding the time evolution of the electrophysiological signals from a dynamical systems point of view.
➢ Introduction to dynamical systems for neurosciences: Differential equations, Phase space representation, Stability and domain of attraction
➢ Unidimensional and bidimensional models: Dynamics of integrate-and-fire models, Repertoire of 2 D models, Reduction of Hodgkin-Huxley model
3. Session 3:
➢ 2D and Higher dimensions models: Particular role of the reset, Possibility of chaos
➢ Models of synapses
➢ Limits of models: Biophysical and mechanistic description, Phenomenology
➢ Introduction to the first lab session (with Brian2 simulator)
4. Session 4:
➢ First Lab Session: Repertoire of electrophysiological patterns, Models of networks, Global measure on simulations
5. Session 5:
➢ Second lab session: analysis of the results, relations to the data
➢ Conclusive discussion
• Instructor: Dr. Damien Depannmaecker, Post-Doc researcher at Department of Integrative and Computational Neuroscience, Paris Saclay Institute of Neuroscience, France 
• Course Length: 5-sessions hands-on online course
• Introductory webinar: https://sciencebeam.com/modeling-electrophysiological-activities/ 
• Registration: https://sciencebeam.com/online-course-modeling-electrophysiological-activities-from-single-neuron-to-nervous-tissue/ 
o Deadline: May 20, 2021

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us: workshop at sciencebeam.com 
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