[CogSci] 2 postdoc positions at the Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling lab at Georgia Tech

Xue, Kai kxue33 at gatech.edu
Wed Apr 7 15:00:05 PDT 2021

Hi all,

The Perception, Neuroimaging, and Modeling lab (PI: Dr. Doby Rahnev, rahnevlab.gatech.edu) has two postdoctoral fellow openings to work on funded projects. The exact topic of research is flexible and could include investigating the neural and/or computational bases of perception, memory, metacognition, attention, expectation, learning, cognitive control, working memory, etc. The Rahnev lab uses a wide range of methods such as fMRI, TMS, psychophysics, computational modeling and concurrent TMS-fMRI. The position is initially for 2 years with a possibility for extension. Candidates will be given the opportunity to conduct studies building on current lab research or developing their own projects ideas. Review begins April 15, 2021 and will continue until both positions are filled.

The Rahnev lab, at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, has access to exceptional research facilities. The lab space is conveniently located just steps away from a 3T Prisma MRI scanner at the Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI, cabiatl.com). The lab also houses its own TMS equipment and is pioneering the use of concurrent TMS-fMRI that allows TMS to be delivered inside the MRI scanner. Working in the Rahnev lab presents opportunities for collaborations across several Atlanta-based universities including Georgia Tech, Emory and Georgia State. Georgia Tech is located at the heart of Atlanta, a vibrant, multicultural city that offers many opportunities for engaging in cultural, culinary, sports, and entertainment activities.

Our lab aims to create a supportive, fun and productive environment. We are especially interested in maintaining our already diverse team and therefore seek applications from qualified individuals from all demographics and backgrounds. For more information, visit our website at http://rahnevlab.gatech.edu/getinvolved.html. To apply, email (1) your CV, (2) a brief description of what types of research questions you may want to pursue if you join us, and (3) a list of three references (names and email addresses will suffice at this point) to Dr. Rahnev (rahnev at psych.gatech.edu). Review begins on April 15, 2021 and will continue until both positions are filled.


Kai Xue
PNM Lab Manager
Georgia Institute of Technology | Department of Psychology
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