[CogSci] Call for unpublished data on EC and contingency awareness

Felice Tavera ftaveras at uni-koeln.de
Fri Aug 28 02:01:09 PDT 2020

Dear colleagues,


We are currently conducting a meta-analysis on evaluative conditioning (EC)
and contingency awareness and are looking for unpublished data. 

We are focused on studies experimentally manipulating contingency awareness
(e.g., by - but not limited to – subliminal presentation) to assess its
effect on an evaluative measures. If you have any (unpublished) data, we
would highly appreciate it if you would share them with us.


Feel free to email us or use this form: (
https://forms.gle/BRYT1Lc1FmofQSKUA ). We are also happy to receive raw data
files with a brief explanation of the study. Please choose the method that
is easiest for you and let us know if we can be of any assistance. Your data
will be handled confidentially, but please note that summary scores will be
made publicly available to ensure the reproducibility of the analysis.


If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us, and
please feel free to forward this call to colleagues that may have relevant
work to share.

Many thanks in advance!

With kind regards,

Felice Tavera, Eva Geiger, and Tobias Heycke



M.Sc. Felice Tavera-Salyutov

PhD Student

Department of Psychology | General Psychology I

University of Cologne


Richard-Strauss-Str. 2

50931 Köln

tel: 0221 470-1471

mail: felice.tavera at uni-koeln.de

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