[CogSci] postdoc position to build cognitive science research platform at NYU

Suzanne Dikker suzanne.dikker at nyu.edu
Mon Nov 4 15:33:40 PST 2019

We are looking to hire a postdoc / research scientist to co-develop and
implement mindHIVE <https://wp.nyu.edu/mindhive/>*, *a citizen science
platform and database for cognitive and social neuroscience/psychology

>> See here for more information and to apply

*About mindHIVE*

mindHIVE is a crowdsourcing citizen science platform for human brain and
behavior research for (a) (social) psychologists / neuroscientist who seek
to address research questions outside of the lab; and (b) teachers and
students who seek authentic neuroscience research experiences. mindHIVE is
funded through the NSF DRK-12 program
The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the project,
depending on their expertise and interest. The candidate will work closely
with the BrainWaves <https://wp.nyu.edu/brainwaves/> team.

*Team and affiliates*
Camillia Matuk <https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/people/camillia-matuk> (NYU
Steinhardt), Suzanne Dikker <http://suzannedikker.net/> (NYU Psychology), Ido
Davidesco <https://steinhardt.nyu.edu/people/ido-davidesco> (NYU
Steinhardt), Yury Shevchenko
<https://iscience.uni-konstanz.de/team/yury-shevchenko/> (University of
Konstanz), Kim Burgas <https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimburgas/> (UX
designer), Robb Rutledge <https://www.robbrutledge.com/> (Yale), and

The project is based at NYU Steinhardt and NYU's Department of Psychology.
Candidates who are willing to relocate to NYC and work with us fulltime are
given preference, but we will also consider remote and/or part-time
collaborations at any level.

Suzanne Dikker, PhD
New York University, Department of Psychology
6 Washington Place, rm 275 | New York, NY 10003
www.suzannedikker.net | +1-212-920-4348
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