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Call for participation

IAOA Summer Institute on Places and Things

July 22-25, 2019
Utrecht, Netherlands



The need to support spatial reasoning arises in domains as diverse as
geographic information systems and manufacturing, yet there has been little
interaction between the industrial and academic communities in these
domains. The IAOA Summer Institute will bring together researchers from
these domains and explore topics in spatial representation and reasoning
such as notions of dimensionality, boundaries, shape, and location. It will
in particular explore the variety of spatial questions that are asked in
these domains, and how such questions help design and test spatial
- What are the commonalities and differences among the research problems
that motivate the various communities that use spatial reasoning?
- What are the types of spatial questions asked?
- Why is there not more ontology reuse and sharing among these communities?
- What applications drive the design of ontologies for spatial reasoning?
For example, location services are increasingly important for many
companies. Knowledge-based design of electromechanical devices with moving
parts remains a challenge in manufacturing.

Facilitators and Organization
- Werner Kuhn (University of California, Santa Barbara)
- Michael Gruninger (University of Toronto)
- Simon Scheider (University of Utrecht)

Participants from all sectors of geographical information systems,
manufacturing, and ontology engineering are invited to interact from July
22-25, 2019 at Utrecht University. As always, the Summer Institute will
challenge the state of the art through lively discussions and hands-on
problem solving rather than lengthy presentations. The International
Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA) is a non-profit
organization the purpose of which is to promote interdisciplinary research
and international collaboration at the intersection of philosophical
ontology, linguistics, logic, cognitive science, and computer science, as
well as in the applications of ontological analysis to conceptual modeling,
knowledge engineering, knowledge management, information-systems
development, library and information science, scientific research, and
semantic technologies in general.

Registration Information
You can register by sending an email to Michael Gruninger (
gruninger at mie.utoronto.ca). The registration fee is €340.
The deadline for registration is the 30th of June 2019!

Local information and programme to be found at:

Enkhbold Nyamsuren

Postdoctoral researcher
Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning
Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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