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Sharing for the Jacobs Foundation:

*Authors wanted: BOLD thoughts about learning in the 21st century*

“BOLD – Blog on Learning and Development <https://bold.expert/>” is an
interdisciplinary initiative dedicated to spreading the word about how
children and young people develop and learn. BOLD attracts a worldwide
audience of approximately 15,000 readers a month. It allows researchers at
various stages of their careers as well as science journalists,
policymakers, and practitioners to have their say.


*Learning in the 21st century*. In this new series, we seek to share with
our readers the perspectives of different individuals about the changes
that our societies and communities, and thus also learning and education,
are currently facing. *You* could be one of our authors!

*Share your thoughts in 500 words. *You may use these 500 words as a space
for contemplation, bold scenarios, provocative statements, or a series of
questions. This is a blog, so there is no “right” or “wrong.” We are
interested in your personal perceptions and experiences.

*Read these 5 questions.* Before you start to write, please pick one of the
following questions, and try to answer it in your text. Focus on just ONE

   1. What is the greatest challenge when seeking to foster children’s and
   adults’ learning in the 21st century?

   1. How do we need to change the way we teach children – at school, at
   home, and as we encourage learning with peers?

   1. What do teachers lack, and what has to be done to provide them with
   what they need?

   1. What will have more influence on the way we think about learning in
   the 21st century: Neuroscience? (Epi)genetics? Developmental psychology?
   Pedagogics? Human-computer interaction? Artificial intelligence? Or are
   only interdisciplinary approaches going to work?

   1. Can you describe one method, tool, or technology that you regard as
   crucial for learning in the 21st century?

If you’re interested in writing a post for BOLD, please contact BOLD’s
chief editor Sabine Gysi at sabine.gysi at jacobsfoundation.org. She will be
happy to work with you on developing your ideas. Please note that BOLD
features only texts exclusively written for this blog; if your post is
accepted and published on BOLD, it cannot be published elsewhere.

We are looking forward to your contribution to BOLD!

Sabine Gysi

Communication Manager, Jacobs Foundation

Editor-in-Chief BOLD, Blog on Learning and Development

Zurich, Switzerland

Phone:   +41 44 388 61 26 <+41%2044%20388%2061%2026>

Mobile:  +41 79 128 44 45 <+41%2079%20128%2044%2045>

Skype:    sabinegysi

*sabine.gysi at jacobsfoundation.org* <sabine.gysi at jacobsfoundation.org>

*BOLD – Blog on Learning and Development: **bold.expert*
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