[CogSci] Open call for virtual congress on sign language processing

Roberto Aguirre zimmer20uy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 12:30:14 PDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce the open of the abtracts call of the
International Virtual Congress in Sign Language Processing. This congress
includes only posters to
be exposed in two main ways: by a web site that will be generated for
getting access to the posters and by poster's printed presentations at some
of Montevideo and Salto (one of the largest Uruguayan city) between
June-August 2020. As a novelty, the printed posters will have a QR code for
getting access to their content in
Uruguayan Sign Language and International Sign Language. The videos will be
collected in a video-book which will also be available at the web site of
the congress.
I encourage those of you devoted to sign language processing to submitt
your abstract.

Best regards,

Roberto Aguirre, PhD
Head of the IVCSLP20


Roberto Aguirre, Ph.D. <https://psico2.psico.edu.uy/users/raguirre>

Assistant Professor

*Universidad de la República*



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