[CogSci] psych/cogsci job market survey

Samuel Mehr sam at wjh.harvard.edu
Fri Aug 23 09:54:58 PDT 2019

Dear CogSci,

Gord Pennycook (cc'd) and I have put together an informal survey about the
state of the psych/cogsci job market, with the goal of crowdsourcing some
anonymous information about how applications to research, teaching, and
industry jobs have been going for candidates.

The survey is at tinyurl.com/psychjobmarket and is intended for
psych/cogsci people (broadly defined) who applied to academic or industry
jobs last year, in the 2018-2019 cycle. It's anonymous, though
participant-wise information about ethicity, age, country, subfield may
identify some respondents; please feel free to skip questions if you would
like to stay anonymous and you think responses may identify you.

Everybody knows the job market is a confusing and stressful place, so we
figured it would be helpful for everyone to have a bit more open
information available about the numbers of jobs people apply to, what's
predictive of success on the market (h-index? teaching experience?
high-profile pubs?), and so on. We're planning on sharing aggregate results
with the community in the next few weeks.

Please share this widely with colleagues and on social media so that we can
present information about a substantial portion of candidates from the
2018-2019 job market cycle.


Samuel Mehr
Department of Psychology
Harvard University
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