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Dear CogSci community,

There are *2 days remaining* before the deadline for submissions to this
year's annual meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology ("SCiP").
The name of this satellite conference of the Psychonomic Society marks its
age -- at almost a half century, SCiP is a methods-oriented conference at
which researchers present their newest studies on statistical methods,
technologies, and computational techniques for the psychological sciences.
SCiP takes place on the Thursday before the Annual Meeting of the
Psychonomic Society.

Details regarding submission are below, or visit *http://scip.ws
<http://scip.ws> to submit an abstract*. We welcome you to submit to SCiP
in Montreal this year!


Danielle McNamara (dsmcnamara1 at gmail.com) & Rick Dale (rdale at ucla.edu)
SCiP 2019 Co-organizers

--- Call for Submissions ---

Dear Colleague,

The 49th annual meeting of the Society for Computers in Psychology (SCiP)
will be held at the Convention and Exhibition Centre, Palais des congrès de
*Montréal*. The meeting will be held on *Thursday, November 14, 2019*,
before the opening of the annual meeting of the Psychonomic Society.

*The extended deadline for submissions: August 15th, 2019.*

The theme for this year’s conference is “The Fluid Mind.” This theme
emphasizes the importance of new methods for exploring change: dynamics,
learning, memory formation, and so on. The keynote speaker for this year's
conference is Dr. Nia Amazeen (Arizona State University). The Presidential
Symposium will showcase SCiP's FABBS Early Career Impact Award winners over
the past few years, with invited presentations from Drs. Laura Allen
(University of New Hampshire), Rick Dale (UCLA), and Michael Jones (Indiana

Instructions for submitting to SCiP 2019: To submit an abstract or
symposium, please follow the instructions on our online submission form
linked from *http://scip.ws/index.html <http://scip.ws/index.html>*.

What is SCiP?

If you are new to SCiP, it is an organization of researchers interested in
applications of computational techniques and methods in psychology. One
focus over the past several years has been on aiding psychologists in using
computers in their teaching and research, statistical analysis tools,
web-based research, clinical applications, and computational modeling. The
Society has also encouraged consideration of psychological aspects of
hardware and software development and design. Membership is open to any
person who has an academic degree and who is active in scientific
applications of computers to psychological research.

Program information for the 2019 conference

We are planning a program with parallel talk sessions and an extended
poster session. We have found that extended poster sessions provide an
excellent forum for promoting discussion and interaction among the
conference participants. Consequently, we ask you to consider submitting a
proposal for that format. The program will include papers, tutorials, and
symposia dealing with the use of computers in all areas of psychological
research, including (but not limited to):

     Web-based research, data collection, and tools
     Online social media and communication
     Brain imaging methods and analysis
     Human-computer interaction
     Diagnostic and assessment tools
     Eye tracking tools and applications
     Novel experimental methodology
     Psychology of video games
     Instructional software
     Modeling cognitive and neural processes
     Statistical software and algorithms
     Online learning and instruction
     Virtual environments

You need not be a current member of SCiP to present at the conference, and
the modest conference registration fee also serves as your annual
membership dues.

Special Issue of Behavior Research Methods

Conference presenters (both spoken and poster presentations) are invited to
submit articles based on presentations at the SCiP meeting to a special
issue of Behavior Research Methods, the official journal of the SCiP. The
September 2020 issue of Behavior Research Methods will feature the 2019
SCiP conference. Although papers submitted to the special issue go through
a normal review process, the time to publication is greatly accelerated.
Consequently, this is an excellent opportunity to get your important
research published in an extremely timely fashion. This is one of the
important perks of the attending the conference. Submissions should be
prepared according to the guidelines of BRM, which can be found at
http://brm.psychonomic journals.org/, and submitted through the BRM
submission portal. It is important to indicate that the submission is for
the “SCiP Issue.” The deadline for article submission is December 31, 2019.

Student Awards

First-time graduate student presenters are strongly encouraged to submit
abstracts. If you are a first-time graduate student attending SCiP, and the
primary presenter, you may be eligible to have your registration waived as
part of the Birnbaum Scholarship for first-time graduate presenters. Please
contact our Executive Director, Rick Dale (rdale at ucla.edu) for details.

The Society sponsors The Castellan Student Paper Award for the outstanding
student paper. Student papers on the application of computers to any area
of psychology (theoretical, experimental, applied) are welcome. Eligibility
is open to work done by a student currently enrolled in undergraduate or
graduate courses, or work done as part of a course, thesis, or other
student research by a person who graduated within the last year. The
student must be the primary author and the presenter of the paper. The
winning author will receive a one year membership in the Society, a one
year subscription to BRM, and a $200 cash prize. Students who wish to have
their papers considered for the award should indicate their desire at the
time of submission and are required to submit the complete manuscript for
evaluation for the competition by October 1, 2019. The award for the
outstanding student paper will be presented at the conference during the
business meeting.

Instructions for submitting to SCiP 2019: To submit an abstract or
symposium, please follow the instructions on our online submission form
linked from http://scip.ws/index.html.

Deadline: August 15th, 2019

Please consider forwarding our conference call to folks around your
department! We hope to see you there!

Danielle McNamara (ASU), SCiP President
Rick Dale (UCLA), SCiP Executive Director
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