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Dear Colleagues,
Please see below for information about Duke's Developmental Psychology PhD
Program. Apologies in advance for cross-posting.

The program in developmental psychology at Duke University's Department of
Psychology and Neuroscience is now accepting applications for PhD
fellowships beginning in the fall of 2019. The departmental website
<http://psychandneuro.duke.edu/>has all of the relevant information;
details about applying and our five training areas are found here
<http://psychandneuro.duke.edu/graduate/apply>. Some members of our group
also sponsor rotation students or admit students through Duke's
interdisciplinary CNAP program
Core members of the Developmental group (faculty pages here
<http://psychandneuro.duke.edu/people/primary-faculty>) include:
*Steven Asher,* Professor. Peer relations, loneliness, and the development
of social competence.
*Elika Bergelson*, Crandall Family Assistant Professor. Children's early
linguistic and cognitive development.

*Avshalom Caspi*, Edward M. Arnett Professor. Behavioral genetics and
children's personality development.

*Harris Cooper*, Hugo L. Blomquist Professor. Research methods and ethics;
social and developmental psychology applied to education.
*Margarita Svetlova*, Research Assistant Professor. Children's prosocial

*Martha Putallaz, *Professor. Mutual influences of parents & peers on
development; gifted children's peer relations & longterm outcomes

*Michael **Tomasello*, James  F. Bonk Professor. Children's cooperation,
communication, and social cognition in comparative perspective.

*Makeba Wilbourn*, Associate Professor of the Practice. Children's gesture
and language development from a sociocultural perspective.
There are also in the department a number of other scholars in the social
and clinical programs, as well as other departments, who are focused on one
or another aspect of development and related topics, e.g. *Dr. Sarah
Gaither, Dr. Michael Gaffrey,  Dr. Bridgette Martin Hard,* and *Dr. Ken
Dodge *(president-elect of SRCD).
The program also participates in various activities of the Carolina
Consortium on Human Development <http://cds.web.unc.edu/>, and a Duke-UNC
Annual Dev Psych Research Day <https://www.uncdukedevmeeting.com/>
Duke is also home to the Duke Autism Center
<http://autismcenter.duke.edu/> (directed
by Geraldine Dawson) and the Center for Child and Family Policy
Our group puts a strong focus on rigorous research and supportive
mentorship. We particularly welcome applicants who are underrepresented in
STEM fields.

The deadline for applying is December 1, 2018.
*Elika Bergelson, PhD*
Crandall Family Assistant Professor, Duke University
Psychology & Neuroscience Dept.
Center for Cognitive Neuroscience
Linguistics (secondary)
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