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Dear Colleagues,

The Junior Researcher Programme (JRP) is currently looking for six engaged
PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in psychology to become Research
Supervisors for the 2018 jSchool. The jSchool is a student-driven and
non-profit initiative that enables international psychology students to
conduct a 13-month long research project under the supervision of
early-career researchers. If you are interested in this opportunity, you
can find further details below. We kindly ask you to also circulate this
email to anyone else who might be interested to become Research Supervisor.

This year’s jSchool will take place from 8th to 15th July in Siena, Italy. The
theme for 2018 will be *Communication: The psychology of information*.
Research Supervisors propose a research project within the theme and then
lead a team of six students to develop the study at the jSchool. The
project shall be conducted in 13 months within the structure of the JRP.
The programme finishes with the annual JRP Conference held at the
Department of Psychology at the University of Cambridge.

All details are provided in our recruitment document
and more information on the JRP and jSchool is available on our website
<http://jrp.pscholars.org/>. Before you apply, please make sure you have
read the application guidance <http://bit.ly/JRPguide> document published
on our website. *Applications <http://bit.ly/JRP_SA>* are open until
*18 February
2018. *If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us.

Best wishes,

Silvana Mareva

*Research Officer*
*Junior Researcher Programme*
Email: researchofficer at pscholars.org
Website: http://jrp.pscholars.org <http://www.jrp.pscholars.org>

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