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Rui Meng rmeng5 at wisc.edu
Sun Jan 28 18:40:09 PST 2018

Following are some announcements from FABBS:

1. NIMH Director's message on Excellent Science: NIMH has developed a "set of principles for excellent science" that, according to the Director Joshua Gordon, will facilitate "comparisons between grant applications from the diverse disciplines supported by the NIMH research portfolio." To see the full article, go to: https://www.nimh.nih.gov/about/director/messages/2018/excellent-science.shtml
NIMH » Excellent Science<https://www.nimh.nih.gov/about/director/messages/2018/excellent-science.shtml>
NIMH leadership has defined a set of principles to help compare the quality of research proposals across the full breadth of the Institute’s portfolio; Dr. Gordon explains how these principles can help ensure that NIMH prioritizes excellent science while assuring portfolio balance across timeframes.

2. In case you missed it, FABBS has a new blog. The first post provides an update on where things stand with the inclusion of basic science in the clinical trials policy. You can see it here: https://blog.fabbs.org/2018/01/23/limping-toward-the-goal-posts-basic-science-and-clinical-trials-at-nih/

Limping Toward the Goal Posts: Basic Science and Clinical Trials at NIH<https://blog.fabbs.org/2018/01/23/limping-toward-the-goal-posts-basic-science-and-clinical-trials-at-nih/>
Paula Skedsvold and Jeremy Wolfe* In the summer of 2017, researchers in the mind, brain, and behavioral science communities became engaged in a dialogue of sorts with the National Institutes of Hea…

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